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A Little Holiday Downtime.....

I'm linking this post up with I'm Lovin' Lit for herThursday Throwdown!

 So.... I have about 6 hours of grading to do and at least 4 hours of planning.  Of course that means that I am sitting here putting together things for Teachers Pay Teachers and blogging.  Procrastination is my yearly gift to myself!  The holidays here were great..... lots of fun, food, family, and spoiling of my midgets.  The Wii U is hooked up and the princess costumes are strewn throughout the house!  We're probably cuddling too much and spending too much time in our pajamas when the sun is out, but I'm okay with that.

Before break we had some great work happening with my little tribe of students.  My district has started a pretty intense new teacher evaluation system and one of my SMART goals was to increase scores for nonfiction text features and structure as a support to the ELA teacher.  I was trying to find the best way to support here and I just kept coming back to entrance tickets a…

End of Year

When I find time later today I'm going to sit down and write a real blog, after I can actually see my floor under all the video games and princess costumes Santa brought!  For now, here's a little end of the year present from me.  My entire store is 20% off until the end of 2013.  I actually have two new items in the works as well.  Enjoy!

Pirate teaching and textual evidence

I have had an amazing week!  Seriously,  I am so rejuvenated and jazzed right now teaching is like my super power!  My 8th grade is a special case.  They've had a hard time of it over the years and they are just that more difficult to reach. I spend most of my creative juices on them to let them know that I respect them and want them to succeed.  This week we were discussing the Battle of Bunker Hill.  My school is situated on top of a series of hills so I knew this would be the opportunity to get them out of the classroom.  I waited till a day that wasn't supposed to rain but.....oh my!  It was cold.  I kept telling the kids, "We're from New England!   We were born for the cold!"  But really..... It was cold!   Why I wanted to do was to show them how far away you needed to be before you saw the whites of someone's eyes.  They loved it!  My boys were the British and my girls were colonists.

We came up with about 30 feet and were totally able to process the pros …

Cyber Monday..... and Tuesday!

Come on over to Teachers Pay Teachers on Monday and Tuesday, December 2nd and 3rd and save a bundle. My entire store is 28% off! Enter CYBER in the checkout for he full discount! Happy shopping!!!