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Social Studies Brackets, Word Walls, and Interactive Notebooks....oh my!

Another great couple of weeks in the book!  The hubs, kiddos and I got our third bout of strep throat but we weathered through it and we can finally see the other side.  School wise... knock on wood... everything has been bliss.  The kids have hit a sweet spot, academically, where I can continually ask for more and a greater percentage rise to the challenge.  Here's a breakdown of what I've been doing:

1. Civilization Madness
We finallllllllyyyyyyy finished Mesopotamia and I wanted to finish it up in an engaging way but not too engaging because the kids had just finished their Hammurabi plays.  I had been reading about using a bracket system in social studies.  You take multiple THINGS (people, events, etc.) and you have the "compete" in a March Madness type bracket system.  We had Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Chaldeans, Phoenicians and Hebrew compete against each other for "best" civilization.  I told the kids they were able to choose what made them the "…

Three Day Weekend, A Mini Unit and a Sale!

I just finished a super fun mini unit of the strengths and weaknesses of the Continental and British during the American Revolution.  It includes:
A reading about the strengths and weaknesses of the Continental and British Army
A glossary for difficult words in the readingA foldable for note taking from the readingA graphic organizer to accompany the movie America the Story of Us: Rebels (you will need to access this on YouTube)A processing activity for the left side of the notebookExamples of the processing activity for students to modelA quiz to accompany the reading and the notesLink to a clip for Launch and access to ready made digital flashcards and games on Quizlet

I am currently offering it for 50% off for the next 24 hours.  Head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers to pick it up at this amazing price!

Also go on over a grab a FREE copy of my exit ticket Twitter board for your classroom!

Civilization Madness

There's a whole lot of learning going on in my classroom but I'm really glad that we have a three day weekend because there may be learning but there's not a lot of grading!!! So, what have we done since we got back from our fabulous, snow filled, extended vacation?

Hammurabi Plays: So we finally got to perform the Hammurabi plays the kiddos wrote. We didn't get to use the stage in the caf, but my classroom is a music room so we watched them amphitheater style. OMG..... These skits were so funny I thought I was going to pee my pants! Academically they were amazing but I was a little amazed at how hysterical so many of them were. This project will totally remain in my repertoire. If you are interested in the project and the activities that led up to it, click here.

We had some fun working with main idea this week. After reading an article on the Articles of Confederation, we worked on main ideas. First I had the kids write four main ideas on stickies. Then they wo…

January Currently

I'm linking up with the amazing Farley....check that girl out!!!

Holy Textual Evidence Batman!!!!!

So, I'm supposed to be ending my non eventful, non productive, very relaxing vacation tomorrow but winter storm Hercules is on its way and I got the call that I won't have school till Monday.  I might actually catch up with my grading after all!
Since I actually have some time, I wanted to introduce you to a great new website that was introduced to me by a member of my team.  The website is Newsela and it is amazing!!!  I am a huge fan of current events in the classroom and this website not only has AMAZING current event stories, but the articles are Common Core aligned!!!

The website has a huge number of articles to offer as you can see by the menu.  Any article that as an anchor and a number next to it, is actually accompanied by a quiz that meets the CCSS.

This article specifically works on the author's point of view and purpose.  As a teacher you can sign up and assign various articles and lexile levels to your students.
Each article, regardless of whether it has a qu…