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Ancient Greece Task Cards

I'm preparing for my week which will include MCAs and might include a snow day.....ugh.  Before I get into the thick of it, here is a new item.  My kids looooved this task card scavenger hunt and it was challenging enough to engage all learners.

Click here to check it out!!!

Zimmer Twins and Fabulous Swag

My extremely long Egypt unit is done (thank you snow days) and I really wanted to do something fun, especially since Tuesday starts MCAs. Aaaaahhhhhhh! First I decided to do a very Common Corey project. When I moved into my new classroom I found all these amazing, but singular, books on Egypt so I decided to put them to good use. I asked the kids to peruse the books and find a topic about Ancient Egypt that interested them. Once they found that an interesting topic, they were to make a claim about their interest and support it with four pieces of textual evidence.

My kids are textual evidence masters so this was easy and we could soon move to the fun! I decided that the kids would use the Zimmer Twins website to lay out their claim and evidence in a movie. My fabulous friend Tracy did a similar project and Oscar party last year so this year I decided to pillage her great idea.

Th best thing about the Zimmer Twins is its a cartoon maker where the kids can easily choose what happen…

Plickers! My new obsession!

*** I am using this entry for my school's fabulous Feedback Fair so I wanted to preface it.  This post is about Plickers, which allows me to collect data quickly and efficiently.  As I collect the data, students automatically get to see if they are right or wrong, thus giving automatic feedback.  I then use the data to immediately meet with my struggling students that same class period or the next and check for deeper understanding.

So as I was perusing my edtech blogs last week I came across a shoutout for Plickers.

It's simplicity is its beauty! It's a clicker response system without the clicker. All you need is one smart device and you are ready to get instant feedback from students.

On the website, you download up to 40 different barcodes (one for each student). They look like QR codes and each one has a unique shape. This is how the smartphone is able to recognize each student.

Each barcode has a side labelled A, B, C, or D. When you give a multiple choice questi…

Literacy and Writing... a girl's best friend:)

I've made some fun new items for TPT with a huge focus on getting my fabulous kids to read and write with purpose.  Check them out!