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Mind Blown!!!!

First, I need to apologize.... I feel like my blog has become nothing but an ad for my teachers pay teachers store. I've been spending a lot of time on my teachers pay teachers because well.... it's summer. I've been treating it like a part-time job that I work on after the kiddos go to bed and I've been creating some amazing stuff to revamp my beginning of the year units. But I need to get back to blogging!!!! I have also been doing some amazing things with Ed Tech this summer. First off I took my first grad class since 1998. It was a fast and furious five day tech course and it was great to have a week to just play around with edtech. The coolest tech thing I've done, though, is attend a course I started today. It's given by the Edtech Teachers and if you haven't heard of them you totally need to look into them. I took this amazing two day workshop on how to use tech to meet the needs of all the students and your class as well as struggling learners…

13 Colonies Interactive Notebook and sooooo much more!

So I just finished a new item and I'm really proud.  It's an interactive notebook activity on the thirteen colonies.  I've included soooo much, but let's not read about it.....let's watch it!

I saw another seller who made "commercials" for her goods and thought, "This is right up my alley!"  If you like what you see, head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and check it out!!!

Find the Claim Before You Write One!

I totally forgot to tell you about this great item I made because I started making it over April Vacation stopped and didn't finish till the first days of summer.  Labor of Love!!!
I have found that many of my kiddos struggle with writing a claim because they just can't recognize one themselves.  I created these task cards to help them.  On each task card, students are given two to three pieces of evidence supporting one side of a contemporary debate.  Using the evidence, students have to choose the best possible claim from three possibilities.  This is great as a quick review, a launch to claims, or remediation for your struggling writers.  Head on over and check it out!!!

Ancient Geography

Sorry my blogging has been spotty! I have been having an amazing summer between long walks, swimming in the pool, weddings, and grad classes. I have been able to fit in a couple of things I have wanted to do on Teachers Pay Teachers. First, I was able to finish up some fun geography task cards for Ancient India Ancient China And I bundled all my ancient geography task cards together for 20% off. These would make a great addition to your curriculum and a fabulous way to start all your units!!! Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers page and check them out!!!Posted with Blogsy

Day 5: Blog Appreciation.... The Last Day!!!!!

Day Four: Blog Appreciation

Grab this tomorrow!!!! Click here!