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Hands on Industrial Museum: Part 1

The Industrial Revolution is one of my favorite units and I think I have probably taught it 15 different ways in 15 different years! I'm teaching in a former industrial town now, son really feel like I have to give the mills a lot of cred and with testing coming up, I wanted the kids moving and grooving while learning to make up for those days spent in silence:( I decided that they were going to create a museum and we were going to have the 5th and 6th grade visit after testing was all done.
Each group was given different inventors and inventions and a series of questions they needed to answer.
They had to create A Thinglink page We used an awesome website called HSTRY. And they had to create a trifold board. I got an amazing deal at the Dollar Tree. 30 boards for 30 bucks! They also used Google Maps to identify which region of the country most benefitted from each invention and used Google Classroom to create a collaborative scavenger hunt for the 5th and 6th graders when they come…